Sterling Silver Jewelry The Everlasting Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry always has been one of the most sought after type of jewelry out there and chances are that it will remain so well into the foreseeable future. Silver, apart from being absolutely gorgeous to look at is also cost-effective, indeed sterling silver jewelry is always way cheaper than gold or platinum and that has made it a favorite amongst the general populace.

Throughout history some form of jewelry has always been more popular than the other; however Sterling Silver Jewelry on the other hand has the distinct privilege of being liked almost throughout. Sterling Silver has been cast into beautiful shapes in all sorts of sizes and this trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Silver has also been more widely accepted than any other metal.

Is Silver Somehow Unworthy?

Many people are given to the impression that silver is an unworthy metal for some reason. This reason is something that escapes them as well. Fact is that people simply put up silver against gold in terms of price and simply declare that it must be somehow qualitatively inferior to it; in fact silver is often called the poor mans gold. While it is true that Silver comes at a lower cost than gold, it cannot be disputed that it offers a great luster at a great price.

Also most people are not so picky about what they wear as long as it is of a decent quality, sports a good design and most importantly is well within their reach. While Gold is something of the occasional jewelry that you buy and wear only now and then, Silver on the other hand is something that you can put on every day.

Silver is also easier to maintain when compared to Gold as it is a lot harder. However that does not mean that you can misuse it and expect it to last. There are certain precautions that you will have to take while wearing and keeping your sterling silver jewelry. Never clean Silver with Ammonia, alcohol or acetone as these are very harmful to it. In most cases some soap in warm water is all that you will need.

Finally everyone can use some silver in their jewelry collection. Sterling Silver Jewelry is usually used for casual wear and you can easily find more choice in it than you would find in Gold or Platinum (rarity has its disadvantages besides higher costs). Hunt for some Sterling Silver Jewelry online and you will definitely not be disappointed at the sheer variety of designs that you will find.
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In The Beginning Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry

Peridot Etymology In The Beginning…Used as an item of adornment from more than 2500 years, Peridot has been called amongst others: Pitdah, Topazion, Topazos, Topaz, Chrysolite, Olivine, Evening Emerald and Gem of the Sun. All these pseudonyms make the task of finding Peridot’s exact etymological roots almost impossible. However, through a process of exploring these aliases and eliminating them one by one, we can get closer to learning the truth behind Peridot’s true origins.


Peridot Sterling Top quality tiffany necklace Jewelry Etymology Part II – The Pitdah Of The First Temples BreastplateRead Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part III – The Topazion Of The Second Temples BreastplateRead Peridot Sterling Silver Jewelry Etymology Part IV – The Origins Of The Word PeridotCopyright © Top quality Gucci Rings Shake Corporation. All

Cornelis bids the question: ” Whence could the poor Hebrews have obtained such a sum of money, and where could they have found such a diamond?”  Cornelis gives another possible reason as to why such gems as these did not fit the circumstances: The tribes assigned such rare gems as diamond, ruby and sapphire in these sizes would have been the center of envy of the other tribes assigned less valuable gems. This he says may have caused dispute and dissension among the newly unified tribes, which could surley not have been God’s intention.However, of all the above it’s point 3 that is the clincher to the misnomer of Topaz.

Before the more exacting influences of modern science, most gemstones were not classed by specific properties like gravity, refractive indexes etc., but by their color. Therefore, the term Topaz was generic, used at the time to denote many different colored gems. In addition to this, there is the fact that the official Topaz gem type of today wasn’t recognized by that name until the 1700’s.

From these points alone, the ‘King James’ translation of Topaz being one of the 12 gems of the breastplate can be largely refuted as conjecture, and was probably based on revered jewels available at the time of translation in 1611, and totally unrelated to the gems known and sourced in ancient Egypt at the time of the Hebrew exodus. Rights Reserved.

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Top 10 Sterling Silver Jewelry Styles

Sterling silver is a fabulous metal for jewelry of all kinds. Sterling silver is a composition of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent metal alloy. Copper is a popular alloy for sterling silver because it makes silver more durable. Sterling silver jewelry allows you to add this precious metal to your jewelry box without breaking the bank. Sterling silver jewelry is shiny and lustrous, making it a jeweler’s favorite; plus, sterling silver is malleable enough to be formed into different jewelry designs and has a shade that is neutral and stunning at the same time. Whether you are looking for silver rings, sterling silver charm bracelets or another silver jewelry selection, our top 10 list will inspire you.
Top Sterling Silver Jewelry Selections:


Sterling silver pendant: A sleek sterling silver pendant can hang on a silver jewelry chain of any length. Fashion jewelry pendants with a high-polish finish and geometric shape lend a contemporary feeling to any outfit. A sterling silver heart pendant is a great gift for someone special or just for you. Several designs are available, including intricate filigree hearts, simple heart discs and large diamond-studded styles.

Sterling silver ring: Sterling silver rings come in every style imaginable. Try a sterling silver cocktail ring with extravagant, detailed silver designs; let it shine as the only ring on your hand. Sterling silver rings with gemstones, diamonds or pearls can be worn every day or just on special occasions. Sterling silver promise rings and engagement rings are beautiful and romantic.

Sterling silver bangle: Sterling silver bangle bracelets are fashion must-haves because they work seamlessly with any outfit. Select a thin bangle for a graceful effect or a thick bangle to make a bold heavy-metal statement.

Sterling silver hoop earrings: Silver hoop earrings are a very versatile fashion jewelry piece. Silver hoops come in many different sizes and styles. Wear a pair of small hoops to work or try an extra-large pair of sterling silver hoop earrings on the weekend.

Sterling silver earring studs: When you want to add just a bit of shine to your earlobes, try sterling silver earrings studs. Sterling silver earring studs come in many sizes and styles and are the perfect subtle jewelry choice for casual wear.

Sterling silver dangling earrings: Dangling earrings are always in style, whether you choose long chandelier earrings or small novelty earrings. Gemstone silver earrings add color and sparkle to your look, while Italian disc earrings frame your face and command attention.

Sterling silver ankle bracelet: A silver bracelet for your ankle is a fun, flirty accessory. Wear a sterling silver ankle bracelet with a pair of crop jeans or a pencil skirt. Try a silver ankle bracelet with a few of your favorite silver charms for a look that is bohemian and unique.

Sterling silver charm bracelet: Charm bracelets are always fun, feminine, whimsical and personal. A sterling silver charm bracelet will match anything in your closet and enhance every outfit. You can add sterling silver charms to your silver bracelet to tell your personal story or make the jewelry unique. Initials of loved ones, favorite hobbies and important causes are good charm inspirations for your silver bracelet.

Sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry: Cubic zirconia gems are affordable, beautiful man-made diamond alternatives. Cubic zirconias can grace sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins, bringing a flash of sparkle to jeans, dresses and suits. Cubic zirconia sterling silver jewelry is perfect for parties, clubs and concerts because it adds a touch of glitter to whatever you are wearing.

Sterling silver beads: Silver beads can be dainty, edgy or chic. A bracelet with large, chunky sterling silver beads is sleek, modern and accentuates jeans or a dress with rock goddess flair. A necklace or pair of earrings with pretty, petite silver beads is sweet and shiny at the same time.

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