Fine Sterling silver gemstones jewelry

Fine Sterling silver gemstones jewelry is overtaking gold and white gold when it comes to today’s global fashion trends. With a strong Artisan movement of young modern designers making some the worlds most unique handcrafted quality jewelry, Combining ultra modern techniques mixed with vintage rustic designs these professionals are creating new and exciting collections for us to admire.

By turning raw and rough precious, semi-precious and natural gems into beautiful fine sterling silver gemstones jewelry there is now no need to rely on poor quality, man made, lab created, synthetic manufacturers, who’s only interests are producing inexpensive wholesale cheap jewelry to sell to the masses for massive profits. Many of these wholesalers use television and even little tricks on Ebay to scam us in to buying tacky glass white metal jewelry with little or no intrinsic value.

Today’s fine sterling silver gemstones jewelry has won our hearts by using a combination of antique, vintage, unusual and most importantly genuine designs, influenced by the extraordinary journey that the gemstones themselves have been on, these amazing rocks, minerals and crystals started life out billions of years ago, to be eventually mined from mountains and deserts to adorn man kinds jewelry throughout the ages. The spiritual and religious properties of silver gemstones jewelry is still very much prevalent today whether it be Christian, Messianic or Wiccan the healing grounding power of gemstones jewelry is widely believed in almost all countries and cultures including China, Native Americans, Thailand, Africa, Celtic and New age.

We can now add to our fine collections of fine sterling silver gemstones jewelry with stunning pendants, rings, bracelets, birthstones,wire,wrap, shark tooth, clasps, beads, stackable rings, ear rings and necklaces. Handcrafted affordable quality custom made sterling silver gemstones jewelry are taking the world by storm and are now one of the most sort out items online, with an array of websites to cater for our every need……. you and I will be sure to find something special today.

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Fine Sterling Jewelry

Fine sterling jewelry pieces offer so much beauty for the money. To say that they are versatile is an understatement. Silver jewelry can be crafted to have a delicate upscale look, or a casual and artistic look. Fine sterling jewelry can be crafted to feature fine stones and gems, yet silver jewelry is very accessible to everyone. Although some in the fashion industry say that you should wear silver in the summer because it presents a cool look, fine sterling jewelry can be presentable and fashionable at any time of year.

It’s also very affordable. The reason is that sterling silver is easy to find in certain parts of the world, as well as plentiful. In the U.S., a large volume of silver jewelry come imported from Italy. However, especially in the southwest region of the U.S., it’s very common to find sterling jewelry pieces that were imported from Mexico. With the jewelry that comes from Italy, one might find high polished chains, charms, and ornaments. From Mexico and the American southwest, the pieces are likely to feature native stones such as turquoise, onyx, tiger’s eye, and quartz. The pieces from this region are also likely to feature a burnish to them for accent. While Italian pieces of silver are more delicate in scale, Mexican and American silver tends to be larger, and chunkier in scale.

There are pieces of fine sterling jewelry for every personality. If the person is looking for something classic and delicate, they might gravitate towards a nice chain bracelet, necklace, or stud earrings. If a person’s taste is more cosmopolitan, they might want a chunky choker, or a heartier necklace of intricate design. Silver jewelry is the jewelry of choice for artist, especially musicians. It would be hard to find an artist not sporting a hand full of large and chunky silver rings, and bracelets. Even when they wear earrings and piercings on their body, rest assured the jewelry is made out of silver. While gold is also a fine material for jewelry, it’s doesn’t give the wearer a down-to-earth presentation. Nothing works for artist like the earthiness of silver. For the sophisticate, silver is something unexpected, yet cool and chic. It matches every color that a person might wear, and is especially flattering for the rich, sensual colors that sophisticates and the highbrow like to wear.

Because silver is easily mined, its stock price is low. Because of its color, people might confuse it with other similarly colored metals, such as platinum. Some unscrupulous retailers try to pass off stainless steel as silver. One can always tell if they’ve bought silver by the number “925”. This number will always be engraved in the inside of a fine sterling jewelry piece. Finally, fine sterling jewelry is popular, because it’s a very low maintenance metal. To keep it polished and clean, all that is really needed is a good cotton cloth. One would simply rub the cloth against the jewelry, and any debris would polish off. The only thing that a silver jewelry buyer needs to be mindful off is wearing the piece while working with chemicals. Certain chemicals will cause pitting, and ruin the look of the piece.

Sterling silver jewelry is a great investment for those wanting style and class. The beauty of silver can be experienced by anyone, with retail price points that considers the budgets of all shoppers. offers high quality, affordable Fine Sterling Jewelry that is perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

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