Silver Plating Versus Sterling Silver Jewelries

Remember when you are still young, you love to playact that you’re a cruel pirate hunting for treasure islands seeking gold and silver? For certain you and your buddies have so much fun dividing your treasure and hiding them away from your little brothers and sisters.

Indeed, collecting priceless pieces is so entertaining. That is why even adults love collecting valuable pieces like jewelries, gold bars and even gold and silvery coins.

On the other hand, due to different reasons like the increasing gold price in the global market some people target silver items instead. According to analysts, many people are collecting coins because of the coins intrinsic and numismatic value. Intrinsic value refers to the material the coins are made of while the numismatic value refers to the rarity, age, mintage and the general form of the coins. For silver jewels collectors, the most coveted are the sterling silver and the silver plated jewels.

What are silver plated jewelries and sterling silvers?

Sterling SilversS

terling and silver plated jewelries are so contrasting. It is important to know that sterling silver is not pure silver. Because pure silver or fine silver, is relatively soft and can easy be damaged, it is generally combined with other metals to improve its stability and strength. It is easy to tell if your silver is sterling. Just look at the markings. The figures 925, .925 Or 92.5 Denote that the silver is sterling. These figures indicate the purity of silver. Sterling silver is commonly used as jewels and house accompaniments because of its immaculate exquisiteness and toughness. To ensure that your sterling silver passed the standards search the following markings: Sterling, ster, .925, Sterling silver

Sterling silver jewelry needs proper and regular maintenance as this form of silver is predisposed to staining and tarnishing. It is integral to store your jewels away from moisture to maintain its glory and grace.

Silver Plated Jewelries

If you are on a budget, you may select silver plated jewelries since they are cheaper that sterling. The term silver plating means that the piece of jewelry is coated with silver coating. This method is referred to as electroplating. This method is popularly used in a number of inexpensive fashion jewelries that are mostly made of steel or poor quality metals. There are several reasonably priced home electroplating systems that are available in the market.

Take note that the thickness of the silver plating is determined by the strength of the electrical current, the silver concentrate in the dipping mixture, and the length of time the jewelry is submerged into the mixture. If you are not confident coating your silver items, you may seek help form expert silversmith in your district who is an expert in the field.

Furthermore, electroplating can repair silver plated items with surface dent or blemish. If you have a sentimental piece that needs restoration, this method is the best solution.

Just like sterling, silver plated jewelries also need proper preservation. How? You will need an old toothbrush and paste. Scrub the jewelry lightly. Remove the paste by rinsing your silver piece entirely. After rinsing, air-dry the items before storing in a dry area.

It is definitely rewarding to collect silver jewelry hoop’s. When you are collecting silver jewelries see that you regularly clean them so that they will last longer. Even if you don’t use them, you should take it out once in a while and clean them appropriately to maintain its luster and beauty.


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