Burj Khalifa ? Dazzling Heights

When it was first inaugurated not only did the Burj Khalifa topple a few Guinness records but it was also the sensational talk of the town. Located on the outskirts of Dubai’s central business district, in the area known as Downtown Dubai, the tall structure stands at a stunning 828m. The locale is geared to handle multifaceted development and includes many hotels, residential complexes, parks and commercial buildings.

Since the start of 2010, Dubai has found itself discussing and debating about Burj Khalifa, the focal point of Downtown Dubai. With the waves of the sea lapping at the foot of the gigantic tower, it is undoubtedly a wondrous marvel of our time. It was designed by Adrian Smith an American architect as the UAE government wished to diversify into a more tourism and service based economy rather than solely depending on oil. The one of a kind ‘Y’ shaped design permits sunlight to pour in and exposes the building to the Persian Gulf as much as possible. Burj Khalifa houses apartments, restaurants, office spaces and recreation facilities.

Everyone who comes within a mile of Burj Khalifa flock to the skyscraper with one thing in mind; that is to ascend to the top and catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view the height of the tower promises to offer. None of them walk away disappointed; the outdoor observation deck presents a dash of the Middle Eastern wind and sun along with a spectacular view. The best part is that a visitor can view previously captured images to gain a clear insight of how the environment changes along with climatic and weather changes.

The tourism industry has taken wings in this Middle Eastern city and finding luxury accommodation Dubaiis an enjoyable task rather than a difficult one. The Raffles Dubai UAE has proven over the years that it is a Dubai hotelthat should not be missed.

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